How A Cooling Tower Water Treatment Works – Process And Benefits

cooling tower water treatment in Bangladesh

The water in the cooling tower feed, the circulation, and the blowdown can have impurities that can be damaging. A cooling tower water treatment is a system of aligned technologies designated to remove contaminants from the water. Cooling tower water treatment in Bangladesh is as necessary as elsewhere. It is because they make an integral part of many industries in the country today.

They allow the businesses to remove heat and cool down their environment. A specialized heat exchanger is responsible for keeping the water cool. Hence, this equipment needs water treatment to obtain cost-effective higher efficiency.

How Does a Cooling Tower Water Treatment Work?

A cooling tower water treatment work in several stages. Each stage contributes to improving the quality of the water that goes into the system. Here is a step-by-step explanation of the process.

Makeup Water Intake

Water gets drawn from any surface water source, such as city water or raw water. The level of treatment depends on the contaminants present in the water.
This step removes the silica and hardness of the water. Also, this is where pH is adjusted. At this time, the water bleed rate gets minimized and evaporation cycles are optimized.

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Filtration and Ultrafiltration

The water treated by the first step passes through a filter. These filters are designed to eliminate sediments, organic matter, and other suspended particles.

The filters used are the usual mesh screen filter with thin gaps between the meshes. The size of the mesh depends on the kind of water used as well as cooling requirements.

However, there are hundreds of particles that are smaller than the mesh gap that escape from the filter. Hence, there is an additional ultrafiltration system. Multiple layers ensure that contaminants do not escape and do not enter your cooling system.

Water Softening

If the water used is high with hardening salts, this treatment is necessary. Usually, a softening resin is used to ensure the water softens.

The strong acid in the resin has a higher affinity towards calcium and magnesium. These get removed by the process called ion exchange.

Chemical Addition

One can choose chemical treatment if they need any changes to the feature of the water. They are mainly available in three types known as corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, and biocide inhibitors.

Corrosion inhibitors are made of bicarbonates that can neutralize the acidity of the water. That can ensure the metal parts of the cooling tower is safe.

Scale inhibitors are made of acids such as phosphoric acid. They can prevent salt and other contaminants from building scales.

Biocide or algaecides inhibitors consist of bromine and chlorides that can reduce the growth of bacteria and fungus. Also, they reduce the chances of the formation of biofilm.

Side-Stream Filtration

A side stream filtration equipment can enhance the efficiency of the entire cooling towers water treatment system. It can remove pollutants from the water while it circulates through the filter.

Blowdown Treatment

If cooling tower system uses reverse osmosis or other similar options to reuse water, this process is necessary. Demineralizing can remove the contaminants as they re-enter the water stream in the system.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cleaning the cooling tower is often dismissed as trivial and unnecessary. However, if the tower does not get cleaned correctly, there will be more contaminants. 

The water may become susceptible to bacteria and fungi. Hence, it is vital to ensure the tower is maintained properly before using it.

Benefits of Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling water treatment systems are a low-cost investment that has numerous benefits to offer. Some of them are listed below.

  • Improves Efficiency

Treating the water will ensure the contaminants that can affect the performance of the system get removed. That includes dirt, bacteria, and pollen.

It can provide clean water that can remove the hurdles caused by deposits. That will ensure improvement in the cooling tower systems efficiency.

  • Extends System Life

The contaminants in the water can damage the material of the pieces of equipment. The water can cause the build-up of biological and mineral deposits. 

That can cause layers of scaling that can corrode the system. Water treatment will prevent this build-up and extend the system life.

  • Reduces Manual Maintenance

The water gets treated to remove all the contaminants that can damage the cooling tower system. That ensures that there are fewer sludges and build-ups. Hence, the system will require less cleaning. 

The increased efficiency will ensure fewer chances of repair. It means that it requires lesser maintenance. Additionally, this can save a lots of money that goes on care as well.

Bottom Line 

The cooling tower water treatment process varies depending on your requirements. This treatment can flawlessly work with numerous kinds of towers. 

It can be made from diverse materials and constructed in different designs. You will be able to find the best cooling tower water treatment in Bangladesh easily.


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