5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Commercial Refrigerator

If you are in the food or perishable goods business, you need to store food in cold storage rooms, right? But you also need commercial refrigerators to keep those safe and intact. 


Purchasing a commercial refrigerator effectively and efficiently is not easy, especially if you are purchasing it for your business or industrial setup. Often, owners commit mistakes that lead to poor purchase decisions or maintenance issues. 


Below, we will look at five common mistakes that you must avoid when purchasing a commercial refrigerator so that your return on investment (ROI) brings a smile to your face. Also, we will explain the best route to buying a commercial refrigerator. 


Mistake 1: Failing to Measure the Size Requirements

A usual mistake that buyers make when opting to set up a commercial refrigerator is not assessing the space or size requirements of the product. You must measure the size of the area where the refrigerator will be set up to avoid any complications or setting obstructions. 


If you fail to assess notable obstacles like doors, windows, other items, etc., then the installation process will become very challenging. Also, the measurements of the refrigerator components matter.


The size and how wide the refrigerator door opens matter.  For instance, if you are buying a walk-in cooler refrigerator, the width x height could be 6 feet x 6 feet or 7..5 feet x 10 feet with a depth of 4 feet. 


In contrast, if you prefer under-counter fridges, they will typically be around 24 inches in width and 32 inches or 48 inches in height. 


Avoiding this mistake ensures that the selected commercial refrigerator fits perfectly into the designated space, maximizing storage capabilities and facilitating hassle-free installation.


Make sure to measure the size of the refrigerator you are purchasing and see that it does not measure more than the area you will it in. Or, you can clean up the area and make more space available to install the refrigerator.


This would avoid possible installation challenges and keep the area clean. We suggest at least a foot of space all around the refrigerator to give it some breathing space. 


Mistake 2: Energy Usage Considerations

How much energy a refrigerator uses can have a direct impact on your business.  You should be very careful about this issue when purchasing a commercial refrigerator.


If the refrigerator is not energy-efficient, then you may face high electricity costs. As you are buying a refrigerator for commercial purposes, the electricity costs are already relatively higher. 


If you overlook energy efficiency, it could affect your surrounding environment as well. Industrial setups are known to pollute the surroundings, so this would just escalate the issue besides increasing your costs. 


To reduce energy issues, you can contact cold room and commercial refrigerator experts like Earnest to learn what would be best for you.  By doing so, you can effectively lower operating costs, enhance cost-effectiveness, and reduce your environmental impact. 


You can also figure out which commercial refrigerators have energy-efficient ratings from BSTI (Bangladesh Standards & Testing Institution). The more stars on the Energy Rating Label, the more energy-efficient the appliance is.


Making a smart choice about purchasing energy-efficient refrigerators will have a positive long-term impact on both your finances and your business’s ecological responsibility.


Mistake 3: Temperature Features

Needless to say, cooling features and appropriate temperature controls are extremely crucial for preserving perishable goods like foods in a cold room or commercial setup. To keep the quality, freshness, and safety of food products, a commercial refrigerator’s temperature capabilities are paramount.  


But buyers often miss this factor, leading to spoilage and a drop in the freshness of perishable goods. In fact, food adulteration or rotting of commercial food is so common in Bangladesh that BSTI is planning to conduct a special drive on this matter. 


To ensure optimal preservation, opt for units with precise temperature settings and even cooling distribution. Ideally, the temperature in commercial refrigerators should be below 40°F (4°C) and the freezers should be below 0°F (-18°C) for perishable goods.


This will keep the foods free from bacteria and edible enough to consume when taken out. Of course, you would need to heat them up before consuming them. 


We also recommend that the commercial refrigerator has advanced temperature control options to increase or decrease the coolness when needed.  This will help your business ensure that its products remain fresh and safe, meet the highest quality standards, and satisfy customers’ expectations.


Mistake 4: Quality vs Price

Before purchasing a commercial refrigerator, it is natural to set a budget for your purchase. And given it will be for commercial purposes, you would need to allot an amount for it from your accounts. However, sacrificing quality for price is a big risk. We advise you not to do that. 


In the long run, it will benefit you and reduce the chances of malfunctions, repair work, maintenance expenses, and downtime. 


Contact experts like Earnest, who can help you with selecting the ideal budget-friendly refrigerator for your business without compromising quality. But before that, also do a bit of research on the quality of refrigerators and understand what size and features your target refrigerator has. 


You should purchase commercial refrigerators that meet your needs and do their jobs with quality and durability. And so, investing a bit more than your budget could be a substantial boost to your ROI in the long term. Remember, you would want your refrigerator to sustain and serve your business for at least ten years. So quality is a must. 


Mistake 5: User-friendliness 

Finally, another important factor many miss out on is opting for models with user-friendly interfaces and controls. This is a crucial point for proper maintenance and usability of the refrigerator. 


For instance, if the shelves are not adjustable and surfaces are not easy to clean, it will take away valuable time from your daily operations, just to keep the refrigerator clean. 


Go for commercial refrigerators with adjustable shelves from your cold room manufacturers. These offer flexibility in organizing different-sized items and optimize storage space efficiently.


Moreover, keep easy-to-clean surfaces in mind, as these will simplify maintenance tasks. This will also help you promote hygiene faster and save time for other important tasks. 


Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, let’s briefly look at where to purchase commercial refrigerators. 


Purchasing a Commercial Refrigerator

Getting a commercial refrigerator for your perishable goods business is part of the whole industrial setup. That is why you should consult and purchase from expert suppliers of these products. 


An expert supplier or manufacturer of commercial refrigerators should:


  • Know the difference between residential and commercial refrigerators

  • Understand the key parts of refrigerators thoroughly

  • Offer you packages and products that best meet your needs

  • Help you differentiate among various models in regards to their size, temperature, energy, budget, and quality needs. 

  • Have a strong portfolio of selling products to renowned clients

  • Show you the way to install the product and maintain it 


You can get all this and more benefits from Earnest. It has been operating since 2010 and is the top industrial chiller supplier and manufacturer in the country. 


You can check out its numerous products and services yourself and decide what suits you best. Contact them to learn more about how they will be your top choice in commercial appliance solutions. 

Wrapping Up

So, having gone over the possible mistakes or problems that can occur when purchasing a commercial refrigerator, you can now make the right decision about these products. 


Remember, the size, energy, temperature, user-friendliness, components, controls, as well as price, all matter. Thus, you will need to study your industrial setup, see what you need, make some adjustments, and finally purchase the product you deem most fit. 


However, if you think you are struggling to make the right call and need guidance, experts like Earnest are waiting to help take care of everything. So reach out to them for any assistance with purchasing commercial refrigerators. 


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