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Clean Room Installation Service in Bangladesh

Experience world-class cleanroom design and installation services with Earnest. With over 10 years of expertise, we manufacture clean rooms for various industries, including food and pharmaceuticals, university labs and research facilities, and computer rooms where nanotechnology is involved.

Our team of design engineers and cleanroom consultants is a valuable resource for architects and contractors. Count on us to deliver functional and cost-effective solutions for your project.

Our Industrial Clean Room Unique Features:

  • Free Standing and Self-Suporting Cleanrooms
  • Walkable Ceilings
  • Custom Made Panels
  • Premium Showroom Design
  • Integration Of Mechanical and Electrical Utilities

Our modular cleanrooms are designed to meet your ISO classification requirements.

  • Class 1 / ISO 3
  • Class 10 / ISO 4
  • Class 100 / ISO 5
  • Class 1000 / ISO 6
  • Class 10000 / ISO 7
  • Class 100000 / ISO 8

We ensure that our cleanrooms meet your project requirements and exceed your expectations for quality and service.

Also, know the Importance of HVAC.

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