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Earnest is a leading cooling tower manufacturer, supplier in Bangladesh. The Company is the most trusted manufacturer when it comes to industrial requirements with precision cooling system.

Earnest has grown into a reliable manufacturer of various types of cooling tower in Bangladesh. Our highly efficient and environmentally friendly cooling towers are intended for industrial uses such as in Garments and other industrial HVAC systems, and as per the requirements of the clients. Types of cooling towers mainly we manufacture are Square Cooling Tower, Crossflow Cooling Tower, and Round Cooling Tower in both standard and customized models.

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Cooling Tower Manufacturer in Bangladesh

A crossflow cooling tower performs exceptionally well in cold weather. Round Cooling Towers are bottle shaped and technically superior in heat transferring. On the other hand, square cooling towers are cost effective alternatives while maintaining similar heat transferring efficacy.

Our in-house engineering department is excellent in designing, and producing unparalleled quality of cooling towers using quality assured materials in order to meet the set quality standards.

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