Round Cooling Tower

Our Round Cooling Tower operates more or less the same as the Square Cooling Tower system. 

While the round cooling tower is known for its low cost, square cooling tower is best for easy maintenance and efficiency of control temperature. We can customize the design to meet your needs and guarantee the best system efficiency for your business.

Though both cooling towers are made from best grade materials as tough fiberglass and reinforced polyester. The round cooling towers are prepared to withstand corrosion and comes with a well-designed PVC drift panel.  

We have also added resins and included additional embossing for larger models in both categories. 





The header pipes systems are designed to provide proper distribution and enough water over the fills. With this round tower model you will get proper contact time so that your air to water ratio is adequate.

The header pipe is of G.I. and P.P. with the FRP mold. It is non-corrosive with a long-lasting touch.

Round cooling towers also use even water distribution nozzle systems. There is a guaranteed low pressure drop and non-clogging touch. Thanks to the solid cone nozzle types that distributes water on the main fill pack area.

The drift eliminators are each designed with the s-shaped corrugated sheets and are bonded with additional layer for maximum reliability.

We offer high quality round cooling systems that you can rely on. We support them with the right accessories and offer a warranty on top. Our aim is to provide the best quality cooling tower in Bangladesh market.

Here is a quick peak into our system.

  • Condition: Water Inlet/Outlet: 37/32 deg. C
  • Flow rate: 375LPM to 3750LPM @ TD: 5 deg. C
  • Type: Round Type, Induced draft, Counter flow
  • Capacity (TR): 30~300TR
  • Power: 3PH~380/415V~50Hz
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • VFD: Available (optional)

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