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Earnest is a Bangladeshi company and engaged in developing technology, manufacturing, and installing high quality, energy-efficient Industrial & Commercial Chilling Plants, HVAC, and low-temperature refrigeration Plants of every kind. Our aim is to increase customers’ ease of mind and profitability by choosing world standard, energy-saving, environment-friendly cooling solutions. Our own R&D team is working to upgrade our plants at the pace of time with the latest technological advancement.

Our automatic controlling machines are compatible with the BMS system and strong on-spot extensive local support. We are careful about after-sales service with exclusive in-house spares in stock, satisfy the customers for the hassle-free products. We are the first BOI enlistment company in Bangladesh. The high-quality EARNEST Plants are extremely capable to operate in a wide ambient temperature range and thus, have to cope with adverse environments for a long time.

Our HVACR product range covers whole cooling Systems for using in comfort cooling for public and commercial buildings, offices and/or factories, control atmospheric applications like Pharma & other clean room of any class, cold room & multipurpose cold storages. Due to our in-house stock and service team, Our quality and long life sustaining products result you peace in your mind and excellent return on investment. Also we are very aware about environment with applying zero ODP & low GWP refrigerant and also we undertake upgrade older plants into latest approved one with slide and/or no modification.

Earnest deals in Projects like, HVACR, PLASTIC, COSMETIC & SOAP, PROCESS FOODS, PHARMA, etc., and various laboratory testing equipment. Our mission is to serve customers by selecting optimum plant, good management for fund utility, audit job for power saving, which lead to customers to a successful project with market competitiveness.

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mission, vision and policy

Our main mission is to remain transparent and socially committed as an ethical company by ensuring better uninterrupted solutions for enhancing people’s living standard. The fixed target is to increase our turnover by 100% by next few years.

To grow and become one of the top 05 companies in Bangladesh. To adopt state of the art technology in the manufacture of our products, to make a fair business in our operation to meet our obligations, sustain the growth to reach our goals.
Earnest is dedicated to deliver the quality and excellent services, as agreed by contract, which will meet our Clients’ expectation and requirement whilst providing efficient and timely maintenance solutions within the contract budget.

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Md Mamunur Rashid

Managing Director

Md Aktarozzaman Sohag

Technical Director

Partha Podder

Marketing Director

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