Commercial Freezer vs Residential Freezer: A Complete Guide

There are primarily two types of freezers in the market – the commercial and the residential. But both have different sets of specifications and requirements. 


As the name implies, commercial freezers are produced for commercial purposes and heavy-duty service. You can find them in commercial spaces, retail locations, industrial setups, restaurants, and some offices. 


On the other hand, residential freezers are primarily used in homes or residences but are less powerful and robust. However, they are more affordable. 


Below, we will guide you about the two and their differences so that you know which one to purchase, when needed. 

What are Commercial Freezers?

Commercial freezers are used in industries and commercial establishments, like restaurants, grocery stores, pharmaceutical plants, and food processing factories or plant. These are part of cold rooms or cold storage in factories. 


These freezers are built to store large supplies of food, medical supplies, or other perishable goods.  These freezers are costlier but more durable. 

Types of Commercial Freezers:

  • Chest Freezer: the design of chest freezers resembles a horizontal, large box with a top-opening lid. It has deep storage capacity and can retain temperature very well with its energy-efficient design. 
  • Deep Freezer: The design of deep freezers lets them reach extremely low temperatures. This makes them extremely useful for scientific research and healthcare applications. You can expect exceptional temperature control, robust insulation, and storage options for sensitive materials.
  • Upright Freezer:  Upright freezers have a vertical look, resembling a standard refrigerator with front-opening doors. These are commonly used in restaurants, laboratories, and medical facilities. 
  • Reach-In Freezer: Similar to upright freezers, they are more compact in design and used for quick access. These also have a durable build and adjustable shelving for different products. These are used in businesses where workers need regular access to frozen items. Examples are convenience stores and cafes.

What are Residential Freezers?

Residential freezers are made for households and preserve frozen food at below-zero temperatures. These freezers are usually part of the refrigerators. Families can keep perishable goods for an extended period, thanks to these freezers. 


Modern freezers have shelves, ice makers, and drawers to organize and allow access to stored items. Though most freezers are part of refrigerators, some families, especially abroad, go for stand-alone freezers. 

Types of Residential Freezers:

Residential freezers can also be in Upright or Chest Freezer forms, like their commercial counterparts. But there are two other types that fall under residential freezers:


  • Refrigerator-Freezer Combo: in this type, units merge a refrigerator and freezer compartment, commonly seen in standard household refrigerators. These freezers have precise temperature control for both compartments, adjustable shelves, and door storage.

  • Undercounter Freezers: These are designed to go beneath kitchen counters which saves space for smaller areas. You can use it for small kitchens or as an additional freezer. Its shelves are also adjustable. 

How are Commercial and Residential Freezers Different?

There are some key points or factors where the two freezers differ. Let’s look at them through the table below:


Commercial Freezer

Residential Freezer


Long durability; can withstand heavy daily use. Built with high-quality materials for elongated durability. 

Less durable than commercial freezers. Made with materials so that are suited to household usage, so there may be wear and tear faster than commercial ones. 


Gives you precise settings.  Temperature suited for sustaining perishable goods. Can offer ultra-low temperatures. 

Has less cooling capacity than their counterparts. Best used for home freezing needs. 

Energy Usage

Heavy usage is more important than energy efficiency. 

More energy-efficient than commercial freezers. The compact size adds to the efficiency. 


Usually large with lots of capacity. Ideal for high-volume storage. 

Smaller and more compact in size. Made for kitchens or garages with less space. 


Need regular checkups and periodic replacement of parts for best performance

Usually, don’t require regular checks and only need fixing or replacement once it malfunctions. 


Have robust cooling systems and efficient insulation to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the storage space.

Have weaker compressors and insulation, which can cause temperature changes in different parts of the freezer.


Usually expensive, including setup and maintenance or support charges. You can reach out to suppliers like Earnest for more details. 

Less expensive due to less power and maintenance.

Which One Should You Go For?

This completely depends on your needs. However, for businesses, especially in the perishable goods industries, like food and medicine producers, commercial or industrial freezers are a must. That is to keep their cold rooms with ultra-low and ideal cooling temperatures. 


However, what type of freezer you should go for in case of commercial purposes is dependant on your budget and space of installation. Expert suppliers of industrial chillers, cold rooms, and freezers like Earnest can help you with that. 

Best Commercial Freezer Supplier in Bangladesh

Commercial freezers are part of HVAC systems in industrial setups. Thus, if you want to purchase the best commercial freezers, then go for the best in the business, Earnest. They have been serving the industry for more than a decade and offer world-class chillers, cold rooms, cooling towers, coolers, HVAC systems, and other machines that keep your plant running in good shape. 


You can check out their products and features to know more about their services. You can also contact them to get in touch and avail their services. 

To Sum Up

Commercial freezers are extremely important for industrial setups, just the way residential freezers are for homes and kitchens. In Bangladesh, given the heat we suffer during summer, it becomes extremely important to purchase and set up the right freezer to keep our goods fresh and under adequate cooling. 

Thus, understanding which freezer to install for what purpose and how is very important. So, we advise you to contact expert suppliers like Earnest and make a deal to leverage the best cooling service.


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