Chillers For The Food Processing Industry In Bangladesh

Chillers for food processing industry

Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies countries. Industrial food processing chillers are playing a vital role in the food processing Industries of Bangladesh. In recent years, the food processing industries in Bangladesh have been thriving. With a 20% share of GDP from this sector alone, it is clear that industrial chillers play an important role in success here.

The country’s agro-food industry has exported many products such as poultry and dairy goods to developed countries like Canada which rely heavily on these types of foods. The food processing industry has been responsible for employing the workforce present in Bangladesh. Installation of food processing chillers to preserve and conserve the varied food products will increase the output and export value.

What are Food Processing Chillers?

A food processing chiller is a vital piece of equipment in the grocery supply chain. Food processing chillers use a heat exchanger to help cool the hot, steamy environment and maintain food safety. Industrial grade food process cooling systems remove excess heat from equipment, so they keep the foods safe and serve you at their ideal temperature.

A food processing chiller is usually made using stainless steel so that it can be easily wiped down and kept clean to ensure that food safety standards are maintained.

Food Processing Chiller Types

Chillers are used across the all over food industry where temperature control is essential. When you need to keep your food properly chilled, Food Processing Chillers are for this job. They use to remove heat off of other equipment so that foods don’t spoil or go bad before its time!. 

Two types of chiller systems are mainly used in the Bangladeshi food processing Industry. They are air-cooled and water-cooled chillers systems.

Water chiller

Water chillers for food processing are the most used chilling systems in this industry. They help maintain the desired temperature and make sure that no bacteria gets onto your product before it’s served, which makes them incredibly important to both producers as well as distributors who sell their goods across state lines or internationally.


Air-cooled chillers are among the most common refrigeration systems for commercial and industrial facilities. Air-cooled chillers work by absorbing heat from process water, which they then transfer to coolant fluid within their system before releasing it back onto any machinery or equipment being cooled down – so long as there is no serious issue with heat discharge in your location!

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Why The Need for Chillers In The Food Processing Industry?

With the increasing demands for processed food and ready-to-eat products among people, the need for chillers becomes crucial. In Bangladesh, there has been a remarkable increase in the production of rice, edible oils, dairy, poultry, sugar, spices, and many more. Based on industrial need, various types of chillers are available here at 1st chiller manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Industrial chillers will play a significant role in the food processing plants to preserve the food products for a longer duration. That would reduce the wastage of food products which involves even the raw materials.

Bangladesh is still recovering from its state of poverty. People are still recovering from unemployment and hunger. Installation of these industrial tools will help boost the economy and balance the demand and supply curve.

Few features of chillers that can positively affect the food processing industry in Bangladesh:

  • Efficient: Most industrial food processing chillers are high in energy efficiency. They take less space and also efficiently do their job of keeping the food products cool.
  • Use of Glycol: These chillers use non-toxic propylene glycol, which will ensure food safety. Glycol is generally used in preserving ice-creams, yogurts, and other dairy products.
  • Cost-Effective: Many companies invest a lump sum of money to buy ice for their perishable items. These industrial chillers can be used for a more extended period and reduce the cash spent on the ice.
  • High Performance: Chillers give an overall superior performance to other elements for preserving the food products. Some of them even have anti-freezing properties, which prevent the formation of ice in the chillers.

Food Processing Industry And the Future

The agro-food processing industry is predicted to generate $1 billion by the year 2021 in Bangladesh. The usage of industrial food processing chillers should be implemented on a priority basis since it is opening up new avenues for exports.

The Food Processing Industry in Bangladesh presently exports frozen fish, frozen food items, tea, spices, fruits, dry fruits, and a few other agricultural products. The future of this industry is predicted to expand three folds and generate massive revenue for the country.

Is Industrial Food Processing Chillers Necessary?

Food processing chillers are a great choice for any foodservice operation, and they can be customized to meet your specific needs. Industrial food processing chillers are an essential investment for any country that is planning to expand its profits.

It will help the nation export fresh produce and cater to the increasing demands of the urban people in Bangladesh.  The economy has improved majorly in Bangladesh, and it will continue to do so in the coming years. The food processing industry is here to stay and will make an enormous impact on the lives of the people and the nation. 

End Note

Food processing chillers are a reliable and economical choice to keep your products protected. Chilled food is safer to eat, and it tastes better too! Food processing chillers are an efficient way of keeping your products fresh. Earnest Transparent and socially committed as an ethical chiller supplier in Bangladesh. We are transparent and socially committed as an ethical chiller supplier in Bangladesh.


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