Things To Consider While Buying A Cold storage

Things to Consider While Buying Cold A storage

The importance of cold storage in maintaining the quality and proper storage of goods in business is undeniable. Cold storage is a facility that primarily stores goods that are short-lived and highly likely to get spoiled under normal conditions. In recent years, the demand for cold storage has increased from country to country due to the creation of various business opportunities.

In this case, businessmen are trying to take advantage of cold storage by inquiring about the type of cold storage and its practical advantages and disadvantages. Many people are thinking of reviewing opportunities to get the best cold storage facilities they can afford while keeping the quality at the same time.

Types of cold storage

There are generally two types of cold storage. These are:

1. Sub-zero storage

In this method, the raw material for making the product is kept below the freezing point. Doing this allows the raw materials to be kept well for a long time. Sub-zero Cold storage has the flexibility to tailor solutions to the needs of individual clients. Subzero cold storage systems offer several facilities. These are Chiller Storage Racks, Freezer Storage Racks, Container Unloading, Short Term Storage, Dry Storage Racks, Pallet Wrapping, Pick & Pack Services, Container Loading & Long Term Storage, etc.

2. Refrigerator storage

This method is generally used at temperatures above zero degrees Celsius. Unlike frozen storage, this is a process for the preservation of perishable foods, those that must be preserved cold to delay microbial activity. This method is proven to be very effective in preserving foods like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, seafood, and meat. However, this storage system requires different temperatures depending on the type of food. Refrigeration chambers are used for their storage, in which only products of the same nature must be collected.

Main components and features before selecting cold storage

Before buying cold storage it is important to have a proper understanding of its features and components. There are various features and types of cold storage in the market which all share almost some common features.


The role of compressors in the cold storage room is very important. The compressor increases the temperature of the refrigerant as it passes through the heat exchanger by pressurizing it. Hot refrigerant releases its heat outside the system. The refrigerant then returns to the cold room through the thermostatic expansion valve. As a result, the liquid refrigerant evaporates as it enters the evaporator unit. The refrigerant absorbs the heat inside the cold room, lowering the temperature inside and the cycle continues.

Air cooled condenser:

An air-cooled condenser is a direct dry cooling system where steam is condensed inside air-cooled finned tubes. The cool ambient airflow outside the finned tubes is what removes heat and defines the functionality of an air-cooled condenser. When the refrigerant is sent from the compressor, the condenser in the cold storage system concentrates the heat in the airflow and circulates the air at a minimum speed. It is able to perform heat convection effectively, making a condenser quiet while working.

Ceiling unit cooler:

Ceiling unit coolers use a heat conduction system to produce cool or moist air. Its function is similar to that of an evaporator. It is suitable for a variety of cold storage cooling equipment.

Cold air wind curtain:

Cold air wind curtains are usually able to play an effective role as a deterrent. This method acts as a barrier against heat, polluted air, dirt, smells, insects, and other similar elements.

Electronic control box:

The electric temperature control box is widely used for small and medium-sized cold storage, with the function of refrigeration, defrosting, fan, light alarm control, and time display.

Cold storage Door:

The difference between cold storage doors compared to normal doors is quite obvious. Cold storage doors are perfectly sealed and highly insulated doors for industrial and commercial refrigerators and cold rooms.

Four things to consider before building cold storage

Four things should be considered before starting work on cold storage.

Size of the storage and space: 

The first thing to think about is the size of the cold storage and the adequacy of the installation space. There should be enough spare space for installation, loading products or raw materials including easy access for delivery trucks.

Temperature and raw material:

The temperature should be fixed depending on the amount of raw material you will store in the cold storage. In this case, the capacity of cold storage must be taken into consideration. It is not uncommon for excess raw materials to be stocked in cold storage against capacity and specific temperatures to have a negative impact on the storage system.


The ventilator is considered a very important component in the cold storage system. The ventilation system must play an effective role in maintaining the consistency between temperature and product quality. A cold storage unit must have two 6″ holes core drilled in the block wall to provide an optimum ventilation system. Keep the animals out of other outlets; there should be guards on the exterior.


Cold storage systems require an uninterrupted power supply. This is essential to maintain the quality of the entire process. In this case, 380-volt electricity is usually required. However, experts have suggested that it is possible to reduce the consumption of electricity in various ways. The key to saving electricity is the rational utilization of cold storage. A low utilization rate will lead to high-power consumption. Cold storage lighting should be safe, scientific, and reasonable on the basis of energy saving and environmental protection.

After-sales Services and Maintenance Availability

In any business idea, providing after-sales service and regular monitoring is very essential in buying and selling products. Cold storage systems are no exception. The cold storage manufacturer should show sincerity in providing any problem or suggestion after the sale of cold storage. Cold storage project costs should also include regular monitoring. In this case, the whole system should be kept under supervision at least once a month.

Before the end

The cold storage system is now being discussed as a popular system all over the world to store products and raw materials. This system is gaining importance in almost all relevant businesses, big or small, depending on the type, quality and capacity. That’s why it is necessary to have an understanding of all the relevant and comprehensive issues in the idea of ​​buying cold storage. This will give you the best possible cold storage system.

If you are looking for more information on refrigeration and cold storage, please feel free to contact us here. We will be happy to accommodate your needs.




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