Water Chiller System and the Essential Things You Should Know About It

Water Chiller System and the Essential Things You Should Know About It

Commercial and residential buildings in Bangladesh use water chiller systems- to cool as well as dehumidify. With improving technology, manufacturers are developing efficient HVAC systems and components for efficient cooling. So the best HVAC supplier in bd should specialize in selling high performing HVAC systems.

Now, water-cooled chillers seem to the real deal when it comes to cooling buildings. Ideally, a chiller is a unique refrigerator – it absorbs the heat from facilities or buildings and transfers the heat energy into a refrigerant in a closed-loop system. Then the system will transfer the heat into the atmosphere via a special waste outlet.

What You Should Know About Water Cooled Chiller

They are ideal for Medium and Large Installations

Water chillers have a higher performance than their air-cooled counterparts. Thus, they have extensive applications in medium to large installation. But there should be an adequate supply of water.

Typically, they have relative independence to fluctuations of the surrounding temperature. This gives them a constant performance for industrial and commercial air conditioning.

However, water-cooled chillers are not a one size fits all. Always choose the right for the type of application you have. The right size ensures smooth and efficient operations.

If the job is too huge for your application, even the best water cooled chiller in Bangladesh will heat up quickly, or its motor will wear out quickly. Even worse, it might just raise your utility bills.

You can get a formula on the right size of water chillers from the HVAC supplier in Bangladesh. This can help you figure out the right size. Sizing is based on temperature differential, i.e., BTU/hr, and tons of cooling capacity.

Ideally, smaller ones are about 20-ton capacity, while large ones have thousands of ton capacity. Large versions can cool large facilities, airports, and shopping malls.

Condenser Connects to a Cooling Tower.

The connection between the two components ensures a proper recirculation of water. Typically, a chiller will use recirculating water in the cooling tower to condense the refrigerant.

Keep in mind; every industrial water chiller in Bangladesh has a refrigerant that relies upon the entering condenser water temperature (& flow rate). Besides, it functions in relation to the encircling wet-bulb temperature.

The wet-bulb temperature is usually lower than the dry-bulb temperature. Thus, the refrigerant condensing temperature and pressure often is much lower than in an air-cooled chiller. This makes water-cooled chillers more efficient.

Know Your Heat Load

Heat load and sizing go hand in hand. Therefore, knowing your heat load will help you calculate sizing easily. Now, understanding heat load will also help you get the right proper coolant with the purchase of a water-cooled chiller you make.

Each water-cooled chiller in Bangladesh comes with a manual that indicates its head load. If the manual doesn’t show the heat capacity, consider checking the information decal on the machinery. If still you can find the heat load, use the formula below:

Heat Load = Flow Rate x Fluid Density x Fluid Specific Heat x Constant x deltaT

The Environment Affects Performance.

The temperature external to a water-cooled chiller can impact on its performance. For instance, if you install a chiller to cool a factory whose environmental temperature rises over 100 degrees, the chiller will require a higher capacity to compensate for the additional heat.

Water Chiller Systems have a Longer Lifespan.

The exciting thing about the water-cooled chillers is that they last longer. This is partly due to the durable construction and partly because they are housed indoors. Installation of this equipment indoors protects them from elements that would otherwise compromise the integrity.

However, since they are the only option for larger installations, they come with higher maintenance cost and installation costs than air-cooled towers.

Find an HVAC Supplier in Bangladesh.

Whether you are looking to buy a small or industrial water chiller in Bangladesh, the supplier matters. Look for a supplier who sells standard models but can also customize a water-chiller according to your specifications.

Besides, concentrate on the reputation of the HVAC supplier in Bangladesh. Essentially, the supplier should be highly-placed for his/her excellent customer service. Beyond supplying the cooling system, they should also offer installation and repair services.


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A water-cooled chiller system is an efficient system for large installations than the air-cooled system. However, you need to pick the right size for you to experienced efficiency. Besides, wrong sizing will affect the system’s lifespan negatively.


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