Importance & Use of Dehumidifier in Pharmaceutical Industries of Bangladesh


dehumidifier in pharmaceutical industry is very important issue. The development of pharmaceutical products and the storage of medical devices require a well-regulated environment. Both relative humidity and temperature play a critical role in the pharmaceutical processes. Any alteration from the levels necessary might lead to the development of products that aren’t effective. Besides, it may affect the quantities of output.

The Pharmaceutical Industries of Bangladesh use different dehumidifiers. Majorly, these companies employ HVAC and ceiling mounted dehumidifier systems. This traditional humidity control system does a decent job, but when it comes to creating a tighter environment, they are not as effective as the latest dehumidification technologies.

Dehumidifier in pharmaceutical industry – Humidity levels

All pharmaceutical manufacturing processes are susceptible to relative humidity. That’s why creating the right environment is essential.
A manufacturing process takes several steps before the final product is released, packed, stored, and sold to the consumer. At any stage, if the relative humidity amount is not correct, there will be detrimental results. Precisely, humidity can alter the visual appearance, yield, shelf-life, and quality of drugs.

The standard manufacturing steps where relative humidity plays a critical role include:

  • Mixing
  • Tablet compression
  • Micronizing
  • Tablet compression
  • Sugarcoating
  • Film coating
  • Product drying
  • Aseptic packing
  • And storage

Studies show that differing humidities can significantly reduce the yields or hinder the successful manufacturing of a product. Note; you cannot physically produce some products without carefully controlled humidity as it may cause significant product degradation. For instance, changes in relative humidity higher than 10% significantly affected enzyme-based processes. So, there is a need to stick within the right amount of relative humidity while manufacturing drugs.

Remember, changes in seasons affect relative humidity. Summer conditions differ from winter conditions. That why you need dehumidification systems that ensure your manufacturing process isn’t drastically affected.

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What’s the correct humidity level for the pharmaceutical manufacturing process?

Each drug has a specific humidity requirement. However, most processes work well within a humidity range of 40 to 60 % relative humidity, which a standard HVAC can provide. On average, 45% is the most suitable for most pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

But then again, the relative humidity goes hand in hand with temperature. A temperature ranging between 18o C and 23o C is suitable for most process.

Keep in mind that some pharmaceutical manufacturing process requires a tighter environment. That means it utilizes narrow limits – typically a range of ±2%RH and ±1ºC. Conventional HVAC systems cannot achieve this temperature, hence the need for specialist humidification systems arises.

Dehumidifiers: Conventional HVAC vs. advanced systems

Using a dehumidifier in the Pharmaceutical Industries of Bangladesh aims to get the right environment for product creation. This can occur at any stage within machines or storage rooms. Conventional HVAC are efficient but do not meet the stricter environment for drug manufacturing. Some processes are pretty specific, and HVAC can’t manage them. That calls for the installation of the latest technologies, which can carry out the various stricter process.

Desiccant dehumidification technology is very efficient for the pharmaceutical industries in Bangladesh. Ideally, you can create controlled relative humidities in all production steps. Besides, you can get reproducible results alongside constant production rates regardless of location or season. Creating microclimates may be cost-effective.

Achieving these processes with a conventional dehumidifying system is impossible. Thanks to the advances, you can get the best humidity control with the Dehumidification system provided by Earnest Engineering Solution.

Advantages of modern dehumidifier in pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh

They include:

  • Improved product shelf life
  • Controlled static build-up
  • Reduced moisture retention in liquid or powder pharmaceuticals
  • Better looking coated tablets
  • Reduced friability during tablet compressions
  • The improved product packaging process
  • Low micro-biological growth
  • Reproducible results
  • Reduced drying time in fluid bed driers

Very low relative humidity requires careful selection of working temperature. A very low RH leads to abnormally high vapor pressure between the operator and the room. This leads to a higher evaporation rate from the skin, giving a feeling of being cold. The best way out is to raise the wet-bulb reading to between 23 to 24o C.

Desiccant dehumidification technology work with traditional refrigeration systems. Refrigeration removes large moisture quantities at the initial stages effectively. Thereafter, the desiccant dehumidifiers further reduce the moisture.

Note: For efficient dehumidification, ensure that the systems are well maintained. The rate of maintenance depends on the quality of the water supply. If you are using hard water, you may require more maintenance than soft water.

Bottom Line

Modern dehumidification technologies are a fit for pharmaceutical industries because they help attain a controlled environment easily. Desiccator dehumidifier technologies are best suited in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes requiring less than 40%RH. On the other hand, standard HVAC is vital in maintaining RH between 40 and 60%.  As such, it is important to use dehumidifiers that can achieve a stricter safe environment.


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