Common problems & solutions for Industrial Air Conditioning System

The heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is a technology designed to control the temperature of any room.  It employs a combination of heating and cooling technology. This system aims to provide a safe environment in an industrial or commercial facility, like a plant, factory, or warehouse. 


However, the working environment, workload, and maintenance issues may create wear and tear on these systems. 


Below we look at 7 common problems of industrial air conditioning systems and their solutions for sustained functionality. 

Electrical Connections

Electrical connections that transport the power throughout the air conditioning system, can be affected severely. These connections and wires can overheat and ignite a fire, causing alarming safety issues. The connections can interfere with the power flow, also, damaging key components of the system. 


Regular inspections to prevent overheating and potential fire hazards will help to keep the electrical connection in good condition. One should check whether the wires are in a solid, tight state to the electricity flows uninterrupted. 

System Leaks

There may be times when the refrigerant leaks. This can potentially reduce cooling power and also adversely affect the environment. That is a definite cause for higher operational costs, too. 


To prevent this problem, one should source the air conditioning system from high-quality HVAC systems providers like Earnest who design the components from optimal quality materials. They develop the refrigerants according to the manufacturer’s standard specifications.


However, If a leak is detected upon inspection, one should repair it without any delay.  This would require the intervention of certified technicians or experts like Earnest, who can also recharge the system accordingly. 

Complications with Compressor 

The compressor drives the air conditioning system of industrial facilities. It powers the HVAC as the heart of the system. Any damage to the compressor can lead to the whole system failure. 


A common compressor problem is leaking. Signs of compressor leaks include stagnant oil accumulating near service ports. Another problem is a scrambled compressor, which makes unusual, loud noises such as grinding or squealing, indicating a defect. 


Like any leaks, look for those during the inspection. One should promptly investigate the source and undertake necessary repairs. Checking for unusual sounds is an effective option to inspect for possible damage. 


When problems are found, hiring a professional to seal these leaks or repair the damage is the obvious option. Also, implementing a system recharge to restore functionality is crucial, too. 

Issues with Evaporator 

Clogged or dirty air filters can create airflow restrictions, reducing the efficiency of your system and increasing energy consumption. This is because the air may impinge on the evaporator and deposit dirt on its coils. The dirt hinders heat transfer, preventing the evaporator coil from functioning properly. 


Regular cleaning or replacement of air filters reduces dust or dirt from clogging the evaporator coils. An ideal frequency of changing or cleaning the filters is at least once every three months, if not more frequently. 


Meanwhile, keeping the condensate drain pan clear of obstructions prevents water issues and maintains air quality. Consider these tasks as fundamental to preserving the system’s respiratory health.

Inconsistent Condensate Drain Pan 

The Condensate Drain Pans, which take all that humidity and excess removed water from your air, may also face noticeable issues. Because the pan drains water outside air conditioners, reduced drainage clogs the pan. This automatically accumulates water, eventually building up dirt and slime over time. 


This problem affects air quality, damages water, and may also start rusting and leaking if not fixed timely. 


Regular cleaning of the condensate drain line is essential to prevent blockages. The cleaning process prevents water issues and maintains air quality all year long. 

Faltering Fans

Evaporator fans and condenser fans may also face several issues. 


In the case of the condenser fan, misdirected airflow, poor wiring, strong fan blade vibration, and inadequate cycling from thermal overload are the major problems.


Evaporator fans, on the other hand, may encounter a locked or failed motor, power failure, motor failure, loud noises, loose belts, and fan vibrations. As the fan slows, one can notice the issues clearly.


Ensuring connections are secure and wiring is in good condition helps maintain condenser airflow. Regular bearing lubrication and vibration checks keep the fan spinning smoothly. And, fixing evaporator fan performance requires a proactive replacement of worn belts and adjusting tension. In both cases, timely and regular checks help prevent issues like slowing down or system in efficiency.

Thermostat Problem

At times, the thermostat may be the issue rather than the AC system itself. Faulty conditions like: 

  • Incorrect settings, 

  • calibration issues, or 

  • battery problems 


can trigger ineffective cooling, causing problems in the system. 


To tackle this tricky issue, regularly check the thermostat’s accuracy. If needed,  replace the batteries or upgrade to a more advanced and smarter thermostat with better control. 


The wear and tear of air conditioning systems in industrial premises is part of it lifecycle. However, to ensure proactive prevention of serious damage to the system, one can take expert assistance from HVAC suppliers like Earnest.


Earnest has one of the best collections of electrical appliances for personal, industrial, office, and general needs. They design, manufacture, and supply top heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems in Bangladesh. And, their offers are quite affordable, too. 

Wrapping Up

Ensuring an updated, fully functioning, and smooth air conditioning system is paramount for your business and factory premises. Regular checks and timely problem identification enhance your maintenance operations. Additionally, reaching out to expert HVAC suppliers like Earnest boosts problem prevention and cure manifolds. 


So, without any further delay, make sure you can recognize the air conditioning system problems and have contingency plans to recover if you see any malfunctions.


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