How To Pick The Right Cooling Tower Solution?

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Right Cooling Tower Solution be it the sky-scraping buildings of big business houses or the multistoried lavish hotels or residential homes clouding the cities’ roads; there is one common problem that all these have to deal with. That is, proper ventilation with enough cooling.

Being multi-floored buildings, the amount of heat produced inside them is humongous. The causes being the heat emanated by equipment installed in the buildings for ventilation or by the solar plants on roofs. Thus, it becomes essential for them to have an effective cooling mechanism installed in the buildings.

Dealing with the issue

To deal with this, there is nothing better than using cooling towers built on advanced technology. They hold the perfect solution to nullify the heat from the buildings. Also, they are free from any kind of malfunctions that are prone to air systems normally found in big buildings.

But, that being said, the one question that normally arises is, how would one choose a cooling tower that is appropriate to one’s business? This problem arises since the market is stacked with varied kinds of cooling tower solutions—each one holding its pros and cons. Yes, there are multiple cooling tower types available. So, how do you pick the ideal one?

Here’s the guide to help you learn all about it so that you can make a wise decision!

About Cooling Tower

It is a heat rejecting device that cools off the water stream circulating in the water recycling system. The circulating water system is the one that is used as a refrigerant for cooling down the heat exchange system installed in buildings. This lowers the water’s temperature running through the cooling tower.

The water heated in the industrial process/ air conditioning condenser is cooled down through the water sprays through nozzles. This process slows down the undergoing water movement in a tower, thus allowing plenty of exposure of water to air.

This air is pumped in through electric motor fans.  After coming in contact with air, a percentage of water is evaporated, allowing the rest to flow back to the condenser. Thus, the cycle repeats. The working of each depends on the cooling tower types as well.

The Right Size Matters

To have a suitable cooling tower, it is required that one ensures that the right size is chosen to reap its advantages. The towers are available in many sizes. They are put to use in many areas, like, nuclear plants, thermal power plants, HVAC systems, and Petroleum refineries. Thus, it becomes essential that one chooses a suitable size that supports the application effectively.

This factor matters because if one ends up choosing an undersized tower, it may lead to abrupt shutdowns of the chiller leading to loss of productivity, hefty repairs with annoyed staff. So, to ensure that the appropriate size, one needs to look up to the Wet Bulb Temperature (WBT) of air flowing in the tower.

The tower with high WTB should be used to determine the suitable size. This ensures that towers continue to work in humid conditions as well.

Check the Efficiency

Efficiency becomes one relevant factor when it comes to choosing an effective cooling solution. To measure how efficient the system is, one should check the various points.

The first such point in this line is corrosion resistance. The towers are made up of high-density polyethylene (HDP) well in this area. Such towers treat the corrosive in water more aggressively with required chemical treatments. This offers a long survival and makes the investment worthy, hence making it efficient.

The second factor of efficiency is the tower footprint. The tower footprint is aligned with power usage in the system—the lesser the power, the bigger the footprint, and vice versa. Thus, towers with a big footprint using less power are considered more efficient and worthy. 

Inspect the Noise

The cooling systems usually found in the buildings are prone to create irritable noises. To deal with this, new technological advancements are made, which reduces noise. Thus, one should look into this factor while selecting a tower for business.

Thus, while choosing an appropriate cooling solution, one should ponder over these factors to make a planned and wise decision. Along with this, consulting with the experienced cooling tower engineer is also suggested so that no room for any doubt is left.


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