How Does A Commercial Dehumidifier Work?

commercial dehumidifier

The need for a commercial dehumidifier in Bangladesh is indispensable due to the humid climate of the country. Not only does it optimize your home for comfort, but it also prevents the growth of mold, mites, or other allergenic organisms that affect your health and destroy your belongings.

If you’re a businessman or a factory owner, it is even more essential for you to install an industrial dehumidifier. In any humid region, the excess humidity in the air often poses a threat to the heavy-duty machinery and the manufactured goods in the factories and industries. The task of the dehumidifier is to get rid of the excess humidity from the air. But how does the dehumidifier do that?

In this article, we are going to talk about how a commercial dehumidifier works.

how does a commercial dehumidifier work

Commercial Dehumidifiers and their Types

Commercial dehumidifiers are specially built to remove moisture from the air of larger areas, such as a warehouse, a factory, and other commercial places. These dehumidifiers are built using heavy-duty plastic or metal, such as steel. They’re powerful, large in size, and make a loud noise when they run.

Commercial dehumidifiers also come with hoses to pump out the water discharged in the process. It allows them to run without any interruption.

The commercial or industrial dehumidifier has two common types:

  • Condensate Commercial Dehumidifier
  • Desiccant Commercial Dehumidifier

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How Does a Condensate Commercial Dehumidifier Work?

A commercial dehumidifier, much like any other Commercial dehumidifier in Bangladesh, works on the basic principle of condensation.

First, the dehumidifier draws in the moist air present in the space using its fans. Once the moist air is inside the dehumidifier, it passes over the refrigerated evaporator, usually in the shape of a coiled tube.

As the air passes through the evaporator tube, it condenses. The condensation occurs due to the decreased temperature of the coil, which decreases the saturation vapor pressure of water. The water, thus, condenses and separates from the air and is collected in a removable tank. The water is often reused for industrial purposes.

Once the air is cooled and moisture-free, the dehumidifier’s heat recovery system re-warms the air before sending it out.

Condensate commercial dehumidifiers work well in higher temperatures and are less effective in colder regions. Since they use a compressor, condensate commercial dehumidifiers are noisy when they are running. People, therefore, mostly use these dehumidifiers in factories and warehouses.

There are three types of condensate commercial dehumidifiers:

  • Electric Refrigeration Dehumidifiers
  • Spray Dehumidifiers
  • Ionic Membrane Dehumidifiers


How Does a Desiccant Commercial Dehumidifier Work?

Often called a chemical absorbent dehumidifier, a desiccant commercial dehumidifier is most commonly used in the country’s colder regions. It works better in areas with low humidity that need deep drying.

A Desiccant Commercial Dehumidifier uses hydrophilic materials, such as silica gel, in place of condensers to provide dry air. The dehumidifier pulls in moist air through its fans. Inside the dehumidifier, moist air passes through a rotating wheel, which contains silica gel. The gel absorbs the moisture from the air in the wheel and draws out water.

The air that comes out of the wheel is called reactivation air. The heat recovery system of the dehumidifier heats the reactivation air. The heated air then travels back through the gel wheel to remove any trace of moisture from it. Finally, the heated, dry air passes out from the dehumidifier to circulate in the room.

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Desiccant commercial dehumidifiers do not have a compressor and are thus much quieter than the condensate commercial dehumidifiers when they run. Therefore, people use desiccant commercial dehumidifiers in commercial areas such as offices and other workplaces.

Homeowners with larger houses or bungalows also go for desiccant commercial or ceiling mounted dehumidifier instead of home dehumidifiers to dehumidify their homes.

A commercial or industrial dehumidifier in Bangladesh makes the lives of businessmen and factory owners easier. With a commercial dehumidifier installed, you do not have to worry about molds, mites, or any potential damage to your inventory or building. You can also use commercial dehumidifiers in pool areas, construction sites, spa, and so on.  However, you should always keep in mind the climate of your area before choosing the right commercial dehumidifier for your business.


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