Air Washers System for Industrial Cooling

Air Washer System

Air washer systems, in factories and warehouses, particularly those with mezzanine floors, face the scorching heat of the summer drastically. A rise in temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius can really make the working atmosphere unpleasant. 

In such cases, an industrial washer system would be a boon to the workers out there.

The traditional systems of air cooling can get quite expensive to deal with. Apart from their manufacturing costs, they would have pretty hefty maintenance costs as well. However, the washer manufacturers in Bangladesh design their air equipment with the finest quality materials.

Read on to learn more about industrial washer systems, how they work, and how you can buy one for your requirements.

What is an Industrial Air Washer System?

A hybrid appliance with a combination of air purifiers, humidifiers, and 100% fresh air suppliers makes up an industrial air washe_r system. The similarity between industrial air washers and traditional humidifiers is that both add therapeutic moisture to the air.

Furthermore, it purifies the air from symptom-triggering allergens like conventional air purifiers. Additionally, industrial air washe_rs cool the air like evaporative air coolers. They ease your allergies by soothing the dry air symptoms.

The washers are equipped with pre-dust filters to prevent the dust particles from being cooled. It is an ideal combination of air-cooling properties of dedicated air-cooling and purifying systems.

Figure- Air Washe_r System

Why Use an Air Washer?

Air washers are the new trend in the market known for their air quality. It is a hybrid appliance, and it is preferred in place of conventional air purifiers and humidifiers. The basic idea of purchasing an air washer is to meet the dual purposes of an air purifier and humidifier in a single system

The industrial air washe_r can soothe your dry air symptoms and ease your allergies. You can use an industrial air washe_r if your health is prone to light to moderate allergies. You can also use these air washe_r systems to improve indoor air quality during wintertime. Consider using it one year-round if you live in a dry climatic area.

How Air Washers Works in Industries Cooling.

Air washers work systematically. In a very hot environment, it’s better to use an air washe_r. Airwasher can be used for many reasons and they provide perfect conditioning in the office or home with their ability to work well anywhere that needs cooling down fast!

Airwasher units are usually single skin but some engineering/industrial ones come as dual-stack systems which help save space when there isn’t much room left on-site at all times. The air washing equipment uses impeller technology to add moisture to the air while cleaning the allergens from the air.

The impeller technology uses a series of spinning discs that filter the allergens and particles from the air and allows them to accumulate at the bottom of the unit. A diffusing screen helps the discs propel the clean water and breaks the particles into fine mist enclosing the air. The air washe_r manufacturers in Bangladesh guarantee tabletop models with a capacity of a gallon of humidity all total.

Other types of air washe_rs use particle pre-filter that filters out the allergens and dust elements from the air before the unit humidifies the room. Such models use evaporative humidifying technology for adding moisture to the atmosphere. 

Typically, the pre-filter is similar to the evaporative wick filter. It wicks up the water using a fan to blow to generate a fine mist. This filter eliminates mineral deposits from the water. It poses an additional benefit if you have hard water.

Features of Air Washer Systems

Figure- Feature of Air Washer System

The features are the main focus that makes an air washe_r system easy to use and maintain. While shopping for industrial air washe_r systems, refer to the features of every model before arriving at a decision. You should be adept with the required knowledge to understand the must-haves for a good air washe_r system. The popular types of air washe_rs include the below-mentioned features.

  • Multiple fan speeds
  • Filter change indicator
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • Low-water indicator with automatic shutoff
  • Digital remote controls
  • VFD compatible motor
  • Single phasing, short circuit protection

How to Buy an Air Washer System

The air washer system manufacturers in Bangladesh suggest that you follow these five factors to help yourself choose an ideal air washer system.

  • Budget Requirement: Ensure what you require according to your budget and the essential features you want in your air washe_r.
  • Energy-Efficiency: It is crucial to know the power consumption of the air washe_r that you purchase, no matter the energy efficiency the company might guarantee.
  • Size: Most air washe_rs in the market are portable tabletop units. However, choose the ideal unit for your room size that releases sufficient levels of moisture per day.
  • Cost and Future Maintenance: A critical concern is whether the unit you buy is within your budget and the potential maintenance cost within your monthly expense’s perimeter.
  • Additional Features: It is essential to compare the feature line-up before finalizing a model you want to buy. Ensure that the model you choose has all the vital features. The more, the better!

Customized Pre-Air Filters

While it is apparent that the air washer cleans and cools the air, it is worth knowing that the air filtering quality is not as exclusive as a dedicated air purifier. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) air purifiers can remove 99.97% of allergens. 

On the contrary, the blower-type air washer removes allergens as small as 1.5 microns. Therefore, aim for air purifiers that can clean a higher air level and enable customized pre-air filters.

Maintenance Requirements

Like humidifiers and air coolers, air washe_rs need to be cleaned regularly as well. Frequently cleaning the air washe_r will do away with mildew, mold, and the growth of bacteria inside the water reservoir. Additionally, it clears the unit of allergens and other particles that the system has filtered over time.

It would be best to clean the air washe_r regularly for optimal operation. Also, change the water regularly to maintain the freshness of the water. You should follow the instructions in the manual to clean the air washe_r.

End Notes

Air washers are an essential commodity, and the air washer manufacturers in Bangladesh ensure that you purchase only the best units for your requirements. Additionally, if you choose a customer-friendly option of air washer system, that would be an added benefit.



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