VRF Air Conditioning System

The VRF air conditioning system has the ability to vary and control your refrigerant flow over numerous evaporator coils.

It will easily provide distinct temperature controls in different mechanical zones including in all indoor units within a given time.

In our VRF AC system, several fan coil units are connected from the indoor system to a single outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit uses its inverter driven compressors to support varied speeds. It allows you to change the power supply’s frequency to the compressor.

VRF Air conditioning System


Quick Details

As your compressor speed change, so will the amount of refrigerant that it delivers. Thankfully, every interior fan coil unit has an independent metering device.

With our VRF Air Conditioning System every indoor unit will get the right amount of refrigerant supply from the outdoor unit to meet the needs of every individual.

It also has a good height difference of up to 25 meters between the indoor and the outdoor units.

Here are the features make our VRF system suitable for all types of applications depending on the needs of every applicant.

  • Type: Direct Expansion (DX)
  • Cooling Medium: Air / Water
  • Cooling Capacity: 5TR to 75TR
  • Power: 3PH~380/415V~50Hz
  • Operation Temperature Range: 12 ~ 22 deg. C
  • Long piping design: Maximum length of pipeline up to 60 meters, the max.

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