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Our New Dehumidifier / Air Dryer is in Research Phase

Our experienced R&D team aims to provide solutions that go beyond developing a product only. We’re always looking for new and unique technologies to give our customers a high level of performance to maximize their production.

Recently we’re working on a breakthrough energy-saving ‘refrigerant type’ air dryer/dehumidifier. Compatible with advanced industrial equipment, our proposed dehumidifier is equipped to eliminate erosion during heat exchange from the refrigerant to the compressed air to minimize the pressure of the default compressor. Our next-generation Air Dryer comes with advanced components and functionality. We’re using a refrigeration circuit and heat exchanger which will be able to precipitate and remove moisture from compressed air.

Our state of the art facility is the prime zone to manufacture this reliable and power-saving dehumidifier ensuring the highest standards of build quality.

Advanced Features and Function:

  • Built-in air loss protection.
  • High energy saving
  • Capable to eliminate excessive cooling.
  • Compact and robust design
  • Quick and easy start-up
  • Built for Industry
Our New Refrigerant Type Air Dryer / Dehumidifier

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