Plate Ice Machine

We manufacture the best plate ice machine for both commercial and industrial uses in Bangladesh. Our plate ice machines are best for large food processing companies. They are also good for fish industries.

The produced plate ice will be sub-cooled to about -1,5°C/-2°C. Our design concept is also simple. The water is usually pumped from the lower tank into the water distribution chamber that’s situated on an upper part.

Plate Ice Machine


Quick Details

This water is then distributed to every cold refrigerated and then circulated plates so as to attain a thickness of between 3-9 mm. The models we supply have even cooling effects and will maintain a constant refrigerating temperature.

Let us give you a place ice machine that’s long lasting, reliable, and good for any type of business.

  • Place of Origin: Bangladesh
  • Brand Name: EARNEST
  • Type: Evaporator
  • Condition:
  • Capacity (TR):
  • Power:
  • Refrigerant:
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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