Package deHumidifier

While a central dehumidifier will be hardwired right into the heating and air conditioning system of an industrial manufacturing plant, package dehumidifier won’t. It is smaller and is best used for departments or specific areas around the industry.

Our package dehumidifier models control moisturize in the air to maintain a relatively low humidity. They are portable, and can also come in console models. They are best for specific areas and quite durable too.

Package DeHumidification 1


Quick Details

In case you want the best models within Bangladesh, we can always supply your company with the best designs for industrial use. Our models are supplied across Bangladesh and we are the best commercial dehumidifier manufacturers in Bangladesh market.

  • Place of Origin: Bangladesh
  • Brand Name: EARNEST™
  • Type: Refrigerant
  • Humidity Removal: 200-500kg/day
  • RH Range: 40% and above
  • Refrigerant: R407c/R22/R134a
  • Power: 3PH, 380V/415V/50HZ
  • Noise: ≤65dB(a)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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