Cassette Fan Coil Units (FCU)

Fan coil units offer the most comfortable air conditioning system. The system comes with improved sound performances and higher reliability.

Fan coil units are the best options for any home or business that intends to combine low noise levels with better energy efficiency.

Our Hydraulic Fan Coil Unit (FCU) design allows for an easy installation and simpler maintenance. We have made every internal component easy to access and the diffusers offer unique design technology that integrates with every type of interior.

We have molded them in a cassette type fan coil unit with a 4-way delivery. This makes it ideal for even larger homes.



Quick Details

The system easily takes in fresh air and maximizes its auto swing technology. To make your work easy, we have also fitted the system with the remote controller system.

Water drained pump can be select inside the unit (standard) or outside the unit (optional and easy to do maintain).

Using the water valve is optional. Thankfully, you can on the float switch inside to alert you whenever. We are committed to quality at affordable prices.

With our Cassette Fan Coil Units, you not only get high efficiency but also enjoy the best warranties.


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