Air Handling Unit (AHU supplier in Bangladesh)

We supply a wide variety of custom built Air Handling Units (AHUs). We pride ourselves that we are the best AHU supplier in Bangladesh. Our AHU system is best for anyone who wants to re-condition and then circulate air in their HVAC system.

We have tailored our AHU to take in the outside air and then re-condition it before it supplies it in form of fresh air to your building.

Our AHU integrates with heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems that use modern technology.

It is durable with metallic alloy armor and has filter systems that are easy to maintain. It is compatible with both Coarse and Hepa filters. We have rigged it with the best sound attenuators and different chambers for high efficiency.

AHU manufacturer in Bangladesh


Quick Details

It is a floor standing model that’s easy to move around, set up/install, and also service. The system also has pre-installed humidifier with low noise levels. 

For a better experience, we have also fixed our AHU system with one of the best heat recovery systems.

Here are some quick details about our best Air Handling Unit in Bangladesh.

  • Type: Air Handing Unit
  • Mounting: Floor Standing
  • Air Flow: 2000-6000m3/Hr
  • Noise: 50-75dB(A)
  • External Pressure: 100-680pa
  • Fan Type: Direct driven or Belt driven
  • Power: 3PH~380/415V~50Hz
  • Humidifier Type: Wet film/dry stem/double gasified
  • Filter Class: Coarse/Medium/Hepa

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