Square Type Cooling Towers

We are the leading cooling tower manufacturer in Bangladesh. We also supply square cooling tower systems. The square cooling towers that we supply consists of the honey comb PVC fills and eliminators. These are designed to maximize economy and efficiency.

Our square cooling tower system uses directly driven fan. The fan is combined with a powerful motor and comes with spray nozzles for minimum drifts losses.

Around the tower is a hot dipped galvanized hardware. The armor comes with rectangular casing body and an elegant design.

It operates using the induced draft counter flow system of operation. The fan system creates the best vertical air movement on the fills and in opposition to the main water flow.

Square Cooling Tower



Hot water circulates into the inlet headers then sprays through the non clogging nozzles. Our system has an even water distribution pattern. Thanks to the time and expertise that we set in there.

We have also fitted the PVC drift eliminators to reduce the drift losses and maximize results. Our cooling towers are also fitted with the inspection doorway for a much easy access and inspection/maintenance.

Depending on your needs, we can install the square tower in a multi cell. The designs we make are durable and the materials we employ are carefully selected.

We select the best grade materials that consist of tough fiber glass and reinforced polyster with resins. An additional high-end embossing is also provided t guarantee an extra strength for the larger cooling towers.

Quick Details

  • Condition: Water Inlet/Outlet:37/32 deg. c/7 deg.c
  • Flow Rate: 625LPM to 12500LPM @ TD:5 deg.C
  • Type: Square Type, Induced draft, Counter flow
  • Capacity (TR): 50~1000TR
  • Power: 3PH~380/415V~50Hz
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • VFD: Available (Optional)