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Multipurpose Cold Room in Bangladesh

We will also design a cold room as per your needs and specifications. We customize the model to suit your use and also maximize on efficiency.

Our cold room control System is fully automated. It is controlled automatically by a microprocessor controller with an LCD display.

You can monitor the cold room remotely and master the machine’s available run/off time, defrost time, and time of fan delay.

You can also see the alarming indications and other various technical parameters. The model is superfast, easy, and convenient to operate.

More importantly we offer a lifetime customer service, technical support, and also supply of accessories.

We also use painted galvanized steel armor, skid proof floor type of door, and hinged door or a specified sliding door.

Our cold room service has been helpful to many businesses in Bangladesh. We have supplied several businesses and found better recommendations.

With our cold room services, you can comfortably enjoy much more than just installation and supply of accessories. Here are more to our cold rooms.

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